African-Americans have played a vital role in the US Spirit Industry from the very beginning. From the early on production of rum during the slave trade to the intrinsic love affair with Cognac during prohibition years; communities of color in this country have

historically been the heartbeat of Spirits in the US. It is no mistruth that Afro-American communities are the greatest economic contributors of US Spirit Industry US Spirit Companies have exploded by way of brand integration with popular African American celebrities.

As diversity matters become increasingly paramount in today’s economic landscape, there has been recent push to bring visibility to Black owned Spirit and Wine companies. Just this summer alone, digital powerhouse, Black Wall Street released 20 Black Owned Wine Spirit

Brands You Should Know with 41k Facebook shares in less than a month. Just one aspect of the widespread public demand for access to visibility and information! The Black Booze Expo will work to unify these brands whereby creating a platform for visibility, consumer engagement, and commerce.

The Expo will attract spirit enthusiasts, wine aficionados, and beer lovers to a centralized location for engagement, sampling, discourse and networking. Festival attendees will be a combination of hospitality professionals, Industry executives and public supporters who are inclined to not only get familiar with these brands, but also integrate ideas and concepts on business and brand development.

Given the astringent and challenging regulatory environment of the US Spirits Industry, the expo will also provide a network setting for the exchange of ideas, solutions, and strategies. The overall objectives of the Black Booze Expo are as follows:

  • To increase visibility and awareness of Black owned Spirit, Wine and Beer companies.
  •  To provide an organized platform for consumer interaction and education by sampling opportunities and tasting demos.
  • To encourage both inter and intra community partnerships and industry alliances
  • To redirect the economic contributions of Afro- American communities in the US Wine &
    Spirits Industry
Chanel Turner - FOU-DRÉ VODKA
Organizer of 2017 Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival

As a burgeoning vodka entrepreneur, Chanel Turner has reached unparalleled heights within the male dominated Spirit industry. In 2009, at the age of 25yrs, Chanel founded FOU-DRÉ VODKA by her own direct investment, an endeavor that would soon lead to many firsts for the up and coming vodka proprietor. Not only is Chanel the youngest woman to own her own spirit but she is the first African American woman to own and operate a Vodka brand.