Cannabis Dispensers

If business consolidation isn’t driven by compliance, then it is driven by competition.  Our commercial cannabis dispenser enables compliance with sales regulations while providing meaningful data for cannabis legalization on a federal level. Retailers can boost transaction times and stay above the competition using built-in features that track the trend and sale of popular cannabis strains. In addition, the dispenser provides a marketing platform to foster customer loyalty and repeat patient visits.

Our dispenser also provides small business opportunities in states where vertical integration is mandated through legislation. A variant of the commercial dispenser is also available for home use with features like “wake and bake” for automated dispensing and rolling at preset times.

Personal Products

The Skroul is a multifunction handheld product for cannabis consumers on the go. It features a rolling paper and cannabis storage partition as well as an integrated grinder with a spill retaining compartment.

Most of all, the Skroul features an integrated mechanism that simplifies the cannabis rolling process for inexperienced consumers with a flick of the wrist. Just insert the paper and ground cannabis in the designated compartments, then twist the top of the Skroul for a perfect roll joint.