Why Master Productions

Master Productions DJ’s play music continuously throughout your entire event, without taking breaks. Master Productions also has many different types of sound systems, with each specifically designed to provide high quality entertainment for your event.  The sound is always crisp and clear, without any distortion.  We also offer sub-woofer systems to give you increased bass output and induce more dancing.

We provide MC service upon request.  Most of our Dee Jays will also act as MC for your event, but for a truly interactive, high energy event, we suggest a two person tandem of a DJ and MC.  We have MCs who have been professionally trained to perform in a elegant manner, customized for your special occasion. Finally, we have a limited number of dance instructors available to add some of the latest dance techniques or specialty dances (salsa, cha cha, ballroom dancing, line dances or hand dancing).

Master Productions offers PA (live) sound systems. These are usually for wedding ceremonies and small bands or trio amplification. We have up to 16 channel mixing boards available and ultra high frequency (UHF) or Digital 2.4ghz Microphones. All systems are frequently agile (scanning ability) to obtain best signal for the area.

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The microphones can be used for wedding officiate, bride/groom and readers/soloists. These are either lavalier (lapel) or hand held type wireless microphones.  Hard wire microphones also can be provided. All DJs are trained to provide feedback free and clear, amplified sound.  Lastly we have a wide range of pre-recorded ceremonial music that can be played for your wedding.

Turn your banquet into an event. The professional staff at Master Productions DJ service take the time to identify your specific needs to ensure a function that you and your guests, will never forget.

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Wedding Events

Your wedding day should be beautiful and worry free. Master Productions will help to plan your wedding from beginning to the end so you can enjoy your family and friends on that special day. Master Productions will make this extremely important day a very memorable one for both the bride/groom, guests and yourself. We not only carry a sizeable music library at which you get to choose the music you would like to play at your grand event! We also have a respectable library of traditional music tunes

Corporate Events

Master Productions provides a complimentary Entertainment Coordinator for all of our events to coordinate the services we’re providing to you be it DJ Music, Lighting, Photography or Cinematography.  We will work with your other vendors in order to facilitate your timeline so that all special moments take place and all of your vendors are in place so nothing gets missed.

Premium Lighting

When done well, Lighting can make everything look better, from your wedding cake to your guests. The right kind of illumination will also get those details you spent hours on noticed, create awesome photo ops (hello, sparklers!) and allow you to spend less on the rest of the décor. It really is that impactful. We like to think of lighting as the jewelry of a space—just as a certain mix of baubles can make an outfit, the right lights will make your reception unforgettable. Here’s the right way to plan your lighting.

Affiliate DJs

Master Productions offer the most appropriate mixed based on your needs and the feel of the crowd. Our DJ’s come equipped with a variety of music to fit any occasion. We work with our corporate clients to provide both professionalism and entertainment. Our disk jockeys are dressed appropriately and uphold an attitude of respect to make sure your event runs smoothly. Master Productions listens to your needs to develop your vision into a hit event that will be the talk around the office.