About Us

Luxury beautiful hair that embraces the beauty and fulfillment in every women. A women’s hair is made to look beautiful and to standout. Every women deserves to look and feel beautiful. Our job is to provide you with the top of the line virgin and foreign hair to make you feel and look beautiful and flawless. We take pride in satisfying each and every customer. We are here to embrace the beauty in every women.

Marricka Founder started off buying wholesales of hair through another hair company. After two years went by things went south, her true passion for the hair industry had already been established. Starting over creating her own brand became more exciting and secure which allowed her to be more stable and self sufficient.

Creating a new brand and having a true loving passion for hair motivated her to open her own hair business. Obstacles came but she never let them define her or get in the way of her success. Years later, business is jumping and even though she’s still not finished accomplishing her goals and still has a long ways to go, she is determined and will let nothing get in the way or stop her!