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Event Coordination

Our Event Coordination Includes help with the production of any event from start to finish. Weddings, Parties, Meetings, Conferences, Summits, Conventions, Meet & Greets, Mini concerts, and Intimate gatherings. We cover everything from booking Staff, entertainment, Invitations, Venue booking, styling, and Budget control!

Building a brand is one of the most intimate encounters you will have in business. SMW walks you from start to finish while supporting your creativity and originality. We have access to the most credible graphic designers, web developers, and social media experts. SMW’s mission is to get you plugged

Master Branding Kit Includes:

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  • Domain Purchase
  • Business Registration
  • Logo
  • Slogan
  • Custom photo shoot Coordination (photographer cost not included)
  • Website
  • 1 month Social media campaign with content
  • Marketing Plan

Total Cost: $1500

With the option to make a partial Payment $750.00
Payment option: Paypal Scan QR code

Project Management

SMW has developed both soft & hard skill sets that truly sets us apart in project management. Being a good communicator and an open leader is not enough, we tackle daily project management challenges with accountability, adaptability, analytical  strategic thinking, and even a bit of love for risk-taking.

There are so many facets to being a PM so we embody a general business knowledge that crosses several different platforms. When leading a project SMW feels it’s all about making sure that your team members lack no information that is crucial to successfully finishing a task and delivering the final project. 

SMW fully overstands resource allocation, being able to determine the proper timing of the resources needed within the project schedule is a crucial part of every project for us. We spot  issues and suggest possible solutions right away.

Regardless if you run a small business or a large one, choosing the best online resource management software can ease your work a lot and Sandy can help!

About Sandy

Sandy’s 10 years experience in business management, innovation and development has been wide and varied. Through her experience and qualifications she has a sound and thorough understanding of business visioning, development, establishment, consolidation and expansion.

Sandy has continued to develop and refine her innate talent for logistics, event management, systems, team building, sales and marketing by gaining valuable experience in many urban and regional business contexts. Sandy understands the challenges that business owners face as they integrate and incorporate changes to their businesses. Creativity, lateral thinking, attention to detail along with focus and clarity are just some of the qualities she contributes to her clients.

As a manager and mentor Sandy has great knowledge and expertise. She is both incisive and compassionate, supporting the process of individual breakthroughs with confidence and precision.

“I will do any and everything that my clients lack to get to their goals.” This motto has gained Sandy an array of close relationships that started as business but ended in friendships. She is confident that when you work hard and stay focused the results will be lessons learned and dreams coming true!!